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Birthday Parties

A birthday is definitely an event that should be celebrated, especially if you have a lot of family and friends that you want to entertain. That is one reason why you can consider making use of a party venue hall hire near me, and definitely go big with your birthday this year. If you plan ahead and make a detailed list of everything you need, you will be able to plan a big birthday party that is truly memorable and enjoyable.

One of the first things you should consider is the venue for your birthday party. It should be big enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably, as well as have all the necessary facilities that you will need. For example, if you need to have a dance floor available, you might want to check available space, as well as additional aspects such as tables, a bar area, and more. This is where you can consider a professional party venue in London, as it is centrally located, close to various amenities, and offer a great atmosphere for any themed party.

Here are a few great party ideas for a big birthday hall hire near me

• A comedy night. This is a great option for a 40th birthday celebration. A comedy night is a great way to add some fun to your birthday party, especially if you can get everybody to play along. Each person can get a chance to say a few things, and test their comedy skills against everybody else. There aren’t really any set rules but you can have everybody join in, and at the end of the evening vote for your favourite comedian. It’s truly a fun way to spend your birthday.

• Fun photo booths. Another great idea is to have a range of cool photo booths available. You can have various themes for each one, allowing your friends and family to take fun photos with various backdrops. You could also arrange for a couples’ photo booth, and even something fun to remember your birthday by. Photo booths are ideal as they can easily be rented, used for the evening, and returned the next day. It’s cost-effective, but you can also make your own photo booth by using various creative backdrops, using props, and taking photos of each other in a fun environment.

• A 30s bonfire. A great idea for when you are selling 50, or actually any birthday, is to make a bonfire out of matches to spell out your year. No need to bother with candles on the cake as a bonfire is a very fun and creative idea to celebrate your birthday year hall hire near me Ealing London. You can set out your matches outside and create a big bonfire when you are done, to celebrate the rest of the evening with your family and friends in a great atmosphere. This theme is perfect for many different adult birthdays, and it’s quite unique.

• Destination theme. A destination theme is great for a birthday celebration, as you can choose your favourite destination and make up your entire venue according to that theme and style. A few great ideas include an Italian theme, an African theme, an Indian theme, and even something fun such as Havana Nights hall hire near me Ealing London. You can be creative and choose anything you want, according to your favourite destination and have some fun with family and friends. Everybody dresses up according to the destination and you can hire the right decor for your entire venue to make for a great evening celebration.

• A decade themed party. Whether you need to arrange a kids’ party or a birthday celebration for yourself, a decade themed party is always a great and creative idea to spend your birthday. You can choose a popular time, such as the seventies, for example, and have an entire venue made up in the theme. You can have an 80s party theme, complete with the right music, decor, and even have everybody dressed up to match the time period. This is always a great party idea, regardless of the birthday you are celebrating.

• An arcade party. This is suitable for a 16th birthday party or close to that. The boys would normally want to go to the arcade, but how about bringing the arcade to them? Set up a projector with a movie screen if the weather permits, set up a big blanket and you’ll have the perfect gaming station. You can even add pillows and chairs and of course all the right snacks. You can even make party treats with a gaming theme, for e.g. joystick cake pops, and a cake that looks like a game console.
Milestone birthdays are especially special and you want to do something memorable to celebrate them. That’s why these ideas are so fun to do; many celebrities also spend their milestone birthdays somewhere special – Demi Moore spend her 50th birthday in Abu Dhabi, Betty White enjoyed her own NBC special on her 90th birthday, and even Michelle Obama had a star-studded 50th birthday where Adele and Beyonce performed.

When planning any birthday party, remember the basics – food, venue, décor, cocktails, music and dancing. These are essential in almost any birthday party, and the rest can be arranged according to your budget and theme. If you have a set budget, try to come in just under your total, so that you have room for unexpected expenses. Planning a party can be challenging, but it’s very fun if you are planning a great birthday event with family and friends.

If you are looking for a great party venue in London, look no further than Park Place Wedding Banqueting Venue. We have everything you need to enjoy any birthday event, especially if you want to plan a big and impressive event.

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