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If you need a reliable and affordable wedding venue for your upcoming weddings, then the Chiswick wedding venue is the best option to opt for. Chiswick house provides wedding and events space that covers all your needs.

Wedding Reception

It is most important to search for a wedding hall that will make your whole day good. Our wedding venue planner is here to help you to shape your day easily and enjoyable for your guests. Both wedding ceremony and wedding reception can be planned on Chiswick hall. We can provide setup terraced area when the weather is good.

chiswick wedding venue

Best location

We provide you with an ideal location for wedding photographs. It is good to hear we have backup wedding venues set up in case of bad weather.

Our catering service is the best and keeps you updated with any cuisine and style. We use quality food ingredients and drinks with a variety of flavors for your guests.


Parking is a major headache when you are planning an event. Because it will create a problem for your guests to park their cars. We’ve got you covered! by arranging a lot of space for this issue. Our parking provides you with enough space to park your 170 cars easily. Your guest will face no worry about car parking.

Affordable price

We aim to provide the best competitive price in Banqueting Hall in London. You have to think about the date, location, food, drinks, guests, and many more which may be costly for you. We will help you to keep all these things in your hands at an affordable price.

The good news is, that Chiswick does not disappoint! Along with the above, these recommendations can help couples come up with their dream wedding venue in Chiswick. You will definetly enjoy this area.

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