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Funeral Reception

There is no bigger and greater loss than that of losing a loved one. It is a truly emotional and disturbing experience that can take a massive toll on one’s mental peace and health. What is even more overwhelming is the inevitable t plan of a memorable funeral for the deceased. The incessant grief and heartache that one goes through can make the entire funeral planning process really tough and difficult.

Trying to plan a memorable funeral for a loved one is indeed one of the hardest things you may ever have to do. Most people have zero experience planning a memorial and they are likely to be unsure of where to begin. However, it is still very important to bid final goodbye to a loved one in a very special manner. A lot of people nowadays are found adopting poignant and touching ideas for funerals where they often make use of personalized touches to pay their respects in a very heart-warming manner.

There are numerous ways you can also plan a memorable and beautiful funeral for your special someone in order to bid them the kind of farewell that they truly deserve.

When and Where

The very first and the most important decision that one has to make when a planning a funeral is deciding a suitable venue and day for it. You first need to select an appropriate burial or cremation place for the deceased followed by the day and time for the funeral service. Many a times, people already express their choice or preference for the cemetery they wish to be buried on so if your deceased loved one had one too, you must take that into account.

The second important decision is the location of the funeral. There are numerous funeral venues in London, for instance, that provide suitable funeral locations along with other respective services.

Send out Invitations

Although the death of a loved one is an extremely tragic event, there is a silver lining attached to this tragedy. Plan a Memorable Funeral helps bring together a bereaved family and provides them with utter support and strength. In order for that to happen, you must let all the close friends and family know about the funeral arrangements. It is very important to have all those people present at the funeral who are close to the decedent to make it a memorable affair.

Arrangement for Food, Flowers and Refreshments

Depending on the number of guests attending the funeral, you should then decide on the kind of arrangement you need in terms of refreshments, flowers, and food. You first need to check if the funeral venues in London allow food and drinks. If they do, you can go for some light refreshments and drinks for the guests after the main funeral ceremony.

Flowers are essential here and you must have a gorgeous floral display or arrangement for the remembrance of the deceased. There are several flowers that are specifically known as funeral flowers since they carry meanings which truly have to do with commemoration and paying homage. If not a flower exhibit, you can hand out flowers to guests at the entrance of the funeral service in the colour and choice that was a favorite of the departed soul. They can be taken home by the mourners as keepsake or they can be placed on the coffin before the burial.

Prepare a Funeral Handout Program

Many people opt for elaborate funeral affairs which is either because it was a wish of the deceased or that the wish to pay their respects and love in the most heart-warming and moving manner.

In this case, you must create a funeral handout program to give to the guests before the funeral service commences. This handout typically features as a guide for the guests that consists the name, date and death of the deceased followed by an outline of the service. The funeral handout can also include a reading excerpt, a favorite poem of the decedent and the obituary.

Get a Personalized Casket

Many people opt for creative caskets that carry great significance in terms of the deceased person’s life, interests, and memories.  There is a large variety of caskets available in a wide range of colours with beautiful patterns and designs. The main purpose served by personalized caskets is to serve a representation of the departed soul.

You can even get a plain coffin and invite all the close and special friends and family members to leave meaningful drawings or messages for the loved one they all lost. This helps a great personal touch to the entire affair and is also an incredible way to being closely involved in the funeral arrangements and saying goodbye.

Set Up a Memory Board

All the guests you invite to the funeral surely hold great memories with the deceased. Majority of the guest mourners will probably want to come together and share these beautiful memories in a special way. You can help them do that by creating a freestanding memory board at the funeral event and prepare a photo collage to keep at the display.

In addition to photographs, you can also leave plain white cards or labels on which the guests can write heartfelt messages for the dead. This can include an expression of their feelings and sentiments or things that they love and miss most about the lost loved one. The family can later save these photos and message cards that will help serve as a lasting and an unforgettable memorial.

Plan a Cremation Service

There is a traditional kind of a funeral that is followed by a cremation processes once the services are done with. If you decide the same route, you need to first learn about all the cremation options that are available. You might need to contact a funeral professional at this point because the process involves cremation documents followed by an arrangement of transportation of the deceased’s body. Cremating a body holds great symbolism and most people do it in order to minimize the grief and pain associated with this immense loss.

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